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    Accessing EJBs through LCES2 SDK Service Forms

    L. Fernandez



      I try to use this sample (here) to create a Forms Service access from a servlet but I  find "ALC-DSC-031-000: com.adobe.idp.dsc.net.DSCNamingException: Failed to search remote  EJBObject for the supplier dejb / call.

      I did a default installation of LiveCycle ES2 (JBoss, MySQL).
      I use Glassfish 3 to create the site using the service Forms through a servlet.

      I observed that execption is thrown when using the service
      renderPDFForm by formsClient.

      I wonder if the problem is with the port 1099 for DSC_DEFAULT_EJB_ENDPOINT.
      But I do not know whether this port works and if the problem actually comes from.


      Can you help me ?