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    How do I "authorise" a new eReader & user on an existing PC


      The story is this.Bought a 2nd eReader and wanted to move the original eReader to another PC (PC2), and authorise the 2nd eReader to the original PC PC1).


      I have an existing PRS-600 which is authorised for Adobe DRM product content on PC1. I have moved this to PC2. Deauthorised the account on PC1. Copied and moved the ebooks to PC2, and authorised the account on PC2. So far so good.


      I now have authorised the new PRS-650 on PC1, with a different Adobe ID. As I have paid for the ebooks, I thought that all I would need do is authorise the new PRS-650 and PC1and I would be able to add & read (some of) these books to the PRS-650. not so as I get the message "Protected by Digital Rights Management".


      Is this really the case? That I cannot share books that I have bought. The eBooks were bought from a number of on-line stores with an ID that matches the original PRS-600 adobe ID.