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    Problem with m2v/mpeg2 playback in all CS5 Suite


      My config : Mac Pro, installed with Windows 7 64bit - CS5 Production Premium




      Here is my problem, I've got to re-encode m2v files.


      I just imported the m2v file into Premiere, or AME directly. I set up my settings for the encoding process. The result is quite excellent but not everywhere.  At some places, when the image is quite complicated, I've got compression artefact visible that are not present on the original file.


      At the first time I tought the problem came from the reencoding bitrate, but in fact no. The problem is visible before the reencoding. If I play the orignal m2v in Premiere or AE, I can see those artefacts. But those one are not visible when I play the same original m2v in VLC or WMP.


      Snapshot from VLC :


      Snapshot from After Effect :


      So I imagine, the problem comes from the way Adobe Creative Suite (Bridge ?) read/interprete the m2v files...


      Does anyone know if there is a way to improve or change this ?


      Thanks for your help !