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    FB4: Release build fails with RSLs using FlexSDK 3.5


      Flash Builder 4 (v fails, when trying to do a release build with the following simple project setup:


      - Flash library project with a simple test class (using the 3.5 Flex SDK which ships with FB4)

      - Flex project with simple mxml-application (using the same SDK)

        The Library is linked as RSL


      When you try to export the release build of the project, you´ll get an unspecified error.


      In the log file, you can found:

      java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: flex2/tools/oem/OEMException$CircularLibraryDependencyException


      With some google search, I found out, that the error occured with FB 4 beta und should be already fixed.

      That´s for sure true with SDK 4.0 oder SDK 4.1, but not SDK 3.5 (remember: it´s the version, which ships with the FB itself !!!).


      After scanning the jar´s of the SDK 3.5 and 4.0, I found out, that the following 3 files are missing in the flex-compiler-oem.jar in SDK 3.5:

      - OEMException$CircularLibraryDependencyException.class

      - OEMException.class

      - OEMException_en.properties


      Adding these files to the jar of the 3.5 SDK, the release build will be successfully exported.


      We were absolutely disappointed after realizing this issue. This has cost a lot of working time and was frustrating too.


      Is there another way to get this working, without changing the SDK files?


      Greetings, Jörg