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    Can't start a New Project


      Hello there


      I'm new to PE 8 and watched the tutorials on Lynda.com. I was able to import a file to the Organizer and create an album. But moving on to starting a New Project is a problem. When I click "New Project" in the purple box on the Welcome screen, I can see something happening in the right hand upper corner on the purple bar while the "barber bar" is rolling. Then it just stops and goes back to the original Welcome screen.


      What am I doing wrong or missing please?




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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          What operating system are you using?


          How fast is your processor, how much RAM do you have and how much defragmented free space is left on your hard drive?


          The first time you launch Premiere Elements, it needs to load some stuff, so it can take a while (depending on your system specs). But, if you leave it alone, it should eventually launch.


          Meantime, go to the Organizer's Help menu and select the option to Check for Updates. This will ensure you have the version 8.01 update for Premiere Elements. Then reboot your computer and try again to launch the program.


          Depending on how powerful your computer is, it make take five minutes to launch the first time. But, after that, it should launch much more quickly.

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            Ina7 Level 1

            Hi Steve


            Thanks for your reply. I'm using Windows XP, my processor is pretty fast but I'm not sure how much free space is available. I'll de-fragment and then try what you suggested. Will let you know if it worked.


            Bye for now