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    Launching index error from Flex Builder 3 when I try to run the application in debug mode

    h_c Level 1

      When I try to run my application in debug mode by clicking the debug  symbol from Flex Builder 3 it ran fine till now. Now, when I try that I  get a message box with message "Launching index(Time of error Sep 29,  2010 7:05PM)
      protocol = http host = null"


      It has two buttons, OK and Details. On clicking the Details
      button I see a message "An internal error occurred during "Launching index"
      protocol = http host = null

      I still can run the application by typing in a browser.
      I cannot see my trace statements in the Flex Builder console anymore due to this.

      My remoting-config.xml and services-config.xml file look OK to me. I have not updated the Flash Player recently.


      In the Menu I have a choice Run->Run->index or other.


      In Project properties, Flex Server, I see the Root URL as


      There is no error at compile time and the changes I do are visible at run time when I run the  the application by typing in a browser.


      What could have caused the error and how can I fix it?