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    AIR2 runtime taking up CPU after use of Native Process




      I have developed an AIR2 application, which uses the Native Process functionality of AIR2 to execute a JAR file.

      When the application runs idle in debug mode (also happens when deployed), the ADL.exe is taking up almost no CPU time (5-10%).

      When I use the Native Process functionality the CPU time taken up by ADL.exe spikes to 100% and keeps taking up CPU after execution (hangs around 50-60%). I can't figure out where this CPU time is taken up by.


      I use the 'exit(true)' command to be sure that the Native Process is terminated (and forced to exit).


      The funny thing is, that when I switch from the application back to Flex Builder Pro the CPU time taken up by ADL.exe drops to 20% and from Flex Builder Pro to the application it again takes up 60% of CPU time.


      Does anybody have the same experience or has a solution to my problem?


      Thanks in advance!!