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    Default Printer problems in Adobe Reader




      I have over 50 users with Adobe Reader 9.3.3 installed.  Every morning someone calls and says Adobe Reader reported that there are no printers installed on their system.  When I check their PC I find that the default printer setting has been removed and there is no default printer set.  Once reset they have no problems with the printers or their other applications.  This only happens when trying to print a PDF.


      Why is Adobe Reader removing the default printer setting? 


      The driver has NOT been removed.  Just the default setting.


      In very PLAIN English the default printer check mark is GONE.

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          Ankit_Jain Adobe Employee

          This is a strange issue indeed.!!!

          Can you please let me know, whether the problem reproducible only after opening any specific file? It might be that the file is running a JavaScript on the system causing the default printer setting to be removed.


          To verify the same, you can try and disable JavaScript in Adobe Reader 9.3.3 on some of the client systems, and then observe whether the problem is reproducible on their systems as they go around their normal work. (To disable javscript, goto Edit > Preferences > JavaScript and uncheck Enable Acrobat JavaScript)

          If any client system tries to open a file which is trying to run a JavaScript code, they will get a Yellow message Bar on top of their page, asking for permissions to run JavaScript. This will give you an idea about the problematic file.


          Hope this helps you zero in on the issue..



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            I am experiencing a similar problem and tried disabling Java.  That did not solve my problem.  Something causes Adobe to not see any printers as being installed.  Once this happens, I am unable to print from any application until I reboot.  I am using Reader 9.3.4 on Windows 7 64-bit.

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              Ankit_Jain Adobe Employee

              Disabling JavaScript is not the solution actually. Its only a way to find out the culprit PDF which may be causing this to happen.

              Try disabling JavaScript, mark any added printer as default. Now perform the usual tasks that you carry out on your system on a daily basis. If you see the problem replicate inspite of this, please let me know.

              P.S. If you see a Yellow Message Bar anytime, while opening any PDF, please make a note of the same.