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    Webhelp and Citrix

      Hi Hatters..been scouring the HATT and Adobe forums all afternoon, not sure of what is happening with my Robohelp X5 Webhelp Project.

      Everything is working fine when it is deployed across Canada.

      It was recently test deployed – people are using Citrix ICA Client to access - to a few test locations in the USA. The USA people are accessing it from a server in CandSeveral things have happened:

      1) Close to ½ the images are not being displayed. No error, just empty space.

      2) The “related topics” buttons are not displayed on any topics.

      3) In the Search and Index windows..the keyword “box” is not displayed.

      I installed the Citrix client and can verify this is happening. I am at a loss! Wondering if the images is a image location problem. When I look in my HTML true code, my image location says img src=’../screen_captures/subscription.gif’ – this is the same for the images in Webhelp that display or don’t display.

      When I right click on the image that does display in my Webhelp..and choose Properties..it says Address (URL) http://www.claimsalert.ca/cmshelp/Screen_Captures/Driver.gif

      I am stumped..and I am not that well versed in HTML. When I talked to my developer, he mentioned something about absolute and relative paths??

      Please help!!! I was informed of this problem yesterday by the VP of Global Application Development..who is awaiting my solution...arghh!

      Carus Business Solutions Inc. Toronto, ON