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    Missing .xpj file - can I still edit the project?

    Andrew Stivelman Level 1

      Hi, I'm new to RoboHelp, coming from another HTML/Web help software product.  A third-party vendor for my company that had written a Help module for us has given us all the source files that they created in RH.  I am being asked to update some of the files.  However, I do not see any RoboHelp project files (*.xpj, *.mpj, *.hhp, *.hlp or *.hpj) that would allow me to open the entire project.


      So is it ok to open each HTML file individually and modify them in RH (ver 8) and give them back to our developers for incorporation into our product's code?  Or do I need one of the file formats above in order to work on the project?


      If this is a dumb question, please forgive me, but as I have very cursory knowledge of RH, I'm not sure where to begin.


      Thanks for any and all help.