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    Show button Runtime error

      I had reported this pb before but unfortunately did not get any answer. The "show" button in the Webhelp Pro output does not work as expected
      Here is the pb:
      There are two type of calls that are made to access the topics from the RH server: one for the context senstive help with a window name called "context" (this window is only one pane) and another with the window name "userguide" (with the classic tri-pane).
      When the call is made with the window name "context" and the project is published with the option "Show Navigation Pane Link in Topics", as expected the "show" link is displayed at the top left of the topic. However, when this is clicked all projects systematically have the following runtime error:

      Line: 16
      Error: 'frames.bsscright.document' is null or not an object

      This error originates from the the file "whnjs.htm" file that is automatically created by RH during the webhelp pro build.

      Does anybody know how one can work around this problem as to not get this error prompted?

      Also, if for example I did not create an index for the project, and therfore do not want the index button to be displayed, or if I do not want the search input to be displayed, there is currently no way define what elements should be displayed or hidden when the "show" button is clicked.


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          Roger N Level 2
          Chris -

          You haven't gotten much response, as it's a bit hard to diagnose; the error message seems to indicate that there is something amiss in the frame hierarchy. Perhaps an extra frame is involved, or missing. You may be able to Sherlock the problem by pasting this script into one of your topic pages, and bringing it up in your help file arrangement. It will tell you the actual name of the parent frame(s), and the hierarchy:

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            Cro1410 Level 1
            Thanks you Roger. I will definetly try your out the code determine the frame that is causing the problem.
            However, I was really curious to know if this pb was encountered by others or just myself. I didn't add anything particular to the projects and the calls from our applications for the help files are done as recommended.
            Am I missing something?
            - Chris
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              Roger N Level 2
              Chris -

              I haven't seen that exact behavior, I've seen similar. Just a shot in the dark, you might try a different name for your window; "context" is used a lot in the scripting...