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    Replacing content in a book


      Hello there,


      I'm in need of a little script (AppleScript or JavaScript), that changes the content of an existing InDesign book.

      I have a book with about 30 files, that all have a language shortcut in its own name and also in its folder name (for example: HD/work/Section1_DE/file2_DE.indd). Now I need to crate severe new languages and copied the entire folder, renamed it and all included files (for example: HD/work/Section1_EN/file2_EN.indd). But how can I replace the files in the book? I know it is possible, but I'm really new to scripting and didn't get it worked. I need a prompt for the input of the language and then the script should read the files in the open book, replace all "_DE" in the names with the new language shortcut and write this to the book.


      I hope someone could create a script for that. I searched the internet for nearly 2 days but couldn't find something.


      Thank you.