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    UI need


      Unless I am missing something (I've looked everywhere, I think), there is no way in Digital Editions to get it to account for a cover or title page when doing the two page view. Acrobat Pro does this and it's actually really important in order for two page spreads to display properly. And even when the graphic design doesn't demand it, there is still something just wrong to me about having odd numbered pages on the left side of a two-page spread. PLEASE ADDRESS THIS, it can't be that hard. Better still would be a setting that allowed the document to open by default in the spread format (single, double, or double with a title page) that is specified by the publisher. That could be overridden by the reader, if desired, but it would allow the book or magazine to display by default as it was designed to display, and the user is saved the time of having to adjust options manually.


      Thanks for your attention to this.