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    Flash for iPad


      Hey all,


      I want to create a little app for the iPad. Could anyone help me with a few questions?


      Can I create a new AS3 project, or does it have to be the iPhone OS?


      What should the dimensions be ideally for the iPad?


      Is it fine to use multiple scenes?

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          you can create whatever you want but eventually you'll need to use the iphone os publish setting.  so, you may as well start with that.


          1024 x 748.


          scenes can be problematic if you're using actionscript and you have little experience with actionscript.


          otherwise, using scenes is ok.


          on the other hand, using scenes is never necessary and if you envision using lots of actionscript coding, should be avoided.

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            OhiSay Level 1

            Cheers kglad, just what I wanted to know.


            I will probably be using just 2 scenes, 1 for each player as it'll be a pass and play game - I thought it'd be easier that way. Unless you could recommend something? (yes, I am a noob at this )

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              i'd recommend checking how your game looks/plays on the ipad as soon as possible during development because there are issues with ipad apps developed in flash.  they might be the same issues with ipad apps developed elsewhere but i've found performance to be terrible on the ipad.

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                Yah, I'm having the same performance issue.  Trying to do a simple PONG as proof of concept.  a) The ball moves much slower than normal, and b) It's choppy as hell with the slow motion for the bulk and quick short random speedups.


                I have the GPU accelleration checked, and I've even tried three rendering methods with no improvement:


                1) Typical vector style rendering of the game sprites.  Provided the slowest motion.


                2) Rendering each component (ball, bats, tennis line, etc.) as individual bitmaps and then adding each directly to the stage.  Better than method 1.


                3) Putting all bitmaps in to a single blit canvas and rendering that to the stage.  Same results as method 2.


                Any one come up with a solution, or does a new version of the IOS packager optimized for iPad need to be put out?