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    Encoding for FLV results in 10x larger file CS5 vs CS4


      I've recently upgraded to CS5 and the Media Encoder creates incredibly HUGE files compared to the CS4 media encoder.


      For example, I can convert a 15MB mpg file to a 12 MB flv file in CS4 using the preset  "FLV same as source"


      I do not find a matching preset in CS5, but tried "FLV - match source atributes (medium quality)"  Encoding the same file in CS5 with this preset results in 170MB file.


      I've tried adjusting the settings, comparing the options in both versions, and I still can't get a reasonably sized file out of the CS5 media encoder.


      This seems really broken to me.  A 170 MB file is not useful in any way.  Do I have bad presets?


      Adobe Media Encoder version is  (32-bit)



      thanks for any suggestions.