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    Removing Formatting info from a text var

    Jimmathy Level 1

      I have an input text box for the user to input a name. This box is linked to the variable "name". However when I call up this variable later (by linking "name" to dynamic textboxes), the size color etc. of the font are carried over from the input text box. How would I go about removing this formatting info, so the variable is simply set to the letters typed in by the user?



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I suggest getting rid of the use of the variable assignment of the textfield altogether and just assign an instance name to the textfield and acquire the text from the textfield using the "text" property.  As you've already seen in one respect, using the var aspect of textfields can be problematic.  I stopped using it many years ago, but not due to the problems you are having.