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    Raid building tip - Turn off Windows "Automatic update"

    rowby Level 1

      If you are running Windows and are in the software configuration setup stage of  creating your raid, make sure you have windows update NOT set to automatic.


      Otherwise during your long raid building stage (in my case it took almost an entire day when I configured my raid back in June) Windows could download an update and automatically install it and keep warning you that it will reboot in "so many " minutes unless you tell it to delay rebooting.  As you know, it will keep bugging your that it about to reboot over and over again.


      Fortunately I have automatic updates turned OFF on my editing machine so I have no surprise rebooting.


      Since automatic update can be complety silent, you might go to bed expecting to see your raid finished in the morning, only to be surprised to find that your computer rebooted sometime during the night -- and  your raid not completed.