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    How do I make pictures widescreen on a movie?


      Hello, I am using Premiere Elements version 7 to make a documentary with both pictures and video, and I am having a lot of problems making everything widescreen. The project settings are widescreen, and I took the video in widescreen, but when I burned the DVD in widescreen the video was too small (it had black bars on the sides) and the pictures had no confinement. I figured out that when I burn the DVD in standard, then the video problem is solved - it comes out widescreen and good quality. But the pictures still go past the top and bottom widescreen bars. Using text, I tried putting two black bars at the spots where the pictures are to make them widescreen, but that turned out even worse (the black bars became smaller and went on top of the pictures instead). I'm fairly new to this program and I've tried experimenting with various settings but nothing seems to work. I am at my whits end to know how to get my movie to come out all widescreen!!! Does anyone have advice for me?