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    getting really mad

      hi,my name is Lynda and I am new here.

      I recently bought a Kobo e reader. I have downloaded Adobe digital edition and a book from the library sucessfully.

      NOW HOW do I get it on to my e.reader????

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          shadow7600 Level 1

          have you tried clicking on the book and dragging it to your e reader icon on the bookshelf??? this should copy the book to your kobo.  with my kobo i use borders desktop since that was the program that came with my kobo hope this helps

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            getting really mad Level 1

            thanks..tried that but no luck

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              When you plug your Kobo into the computer, ensure that you can see it on the left side of the Digital Editions program under "Bookshelves".  I've had to plug mine in a second time before it saw my Kobo. When it is there, I drag the book over to the Kobo Ereader. If I then click on the Kobo under Bookshelves, I can see anything I've put there.


              When you unplug your Kobo and try to bring up the book, check under documents, not just books. Some of the books I receive from the library are actually PDF versions, and it took me a few tries of looking for all my books I downloaded to discover this. If it shows up under your books your reading list, it will have "new" on it when you see it on the Kobo. If your new book isn't there, go to the documents on your Kobo and check there.