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    Help With Weight Maps Please

      Hello, I remember once using Weight Maps to have characters moving in a 3D scene I once did. Unfortunately I cant remember how I did it. There was a tutorial I used but I cant find it now. Could anyone give me a short tutorial on how to apply weight maps in Lightwave to a simple character for basic movement - i.e. legs, head and arms. A link would suffice. Thanks for any help!
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          1 - Assign the weightmaps pr vertex (not by polygon)
          2 - Don't assign overlapping weights (one vertex/point is only assigned to one weightmap)
          3 - Set each bone to Use Weight Map Only
          4 - Dont apply any scaling of the bones, only rotation (and if needed positioning/moving)

          If possible, keep the rig to be only one bone pr weightmap, that seems to make things behave nicely too.

          ...and you should be good to go. If you have any problems exporting, save the scene, close LW and open it again and export one more time.