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    Sequence Duration....

    Brad Phipps

      this might be (and probably is) a stupid question, but how do you set or even trim the duration of your sequence?  It defaults to 10 mins and 6 secs and I want it to be 3 mins instead.



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          shooternz Level 6

          It doesnt really matter about the sequence length or duration.


          What you need to understand is the WAB  (Work Area Bar)


          You set that to export only the section of a sequence that you want.  Usually the Head  of the first clip and at the tail of the last clip in your sequence

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            Colin Brougham Level 6

            A sequence is as long as the duration of the content within it. It might say it's that long before you add clips to it, but once you drop your first clip in, the duration will change--and continue to change, for that matter, as additional material is placed in the sequence.


            For export, the work area bar (WAB, that slightly darker gray bar with the heavier looking in an out markers) dictates what is exported. So, you can either set the WAB to the duration of the whole sequence (zoom out fully and double-click in the time ruler) or just select "Entire Sequence" from the Source Range dropdown in the export window.

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              Brad Phipps Level 1

              that makes sense.  totally different from AE, but makes sense.  please tell me that render settings are easier to master in Pr than AE though!  Ugh!


              thanks guys.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Think of it this way - how long is a piece of string? Well, it is whatever the length is from one end (Head) to the other (Tail). If we tie on another piece of string, it gets longer. If we cut some off, then it gets shorter. Your Clips are the pieces of string. The Duration of the Timeline is the combined length of all of those pieces, strung together.


                In AE, one is most often faced with a predetermined Duration, and they are creating their Comp to fit that Duration. PrPro users, like Craig above, edit their video to a Duration, because they are doing TVC's, which will have an exact length of time. He'll not set that, per se, in PrPro, but will Trim all Clips to fit perfectly into his allowed time frame. Other editors will not be so constrained, and will edit until they have what they want, and then just look to see what the Duration turned out to be.


                Good luck,



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                  Jim_Simon Level 9
                  totally different from AE


                  Quite so.  While most NLEs can be thought of as "horizontal" editors with sequence getting longer as you add more stuff to the end, AE is more of a "vertical" editor, with a fixed length while you add more items on top.

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                    shooternz Level 6

                    Thats a very good description Jim but  everyone should also note  that AE is not duration "fixed".


                    The Comp can easily be duration lengthened or reduced at any time.  It also has the equivalent WAB for exports from within a comp.

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9



                      It certainly does, but is most often used to produce a fixed-time Comp.


                      Maybe it's just a difference in the way that many use it, or think of it.



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                        shooternz Level 6
                        ...most often used to produce a fixed-time Comp



                        When I am in PPRO i guess that I think of it as a sequence

                        full of clips .....and  the seq. duration expands and contracts to the sum of all the clips added and edited.


                        Kind of a dynamic timeline.  (that in my usual case needs to be controlled to end up with the specific length of a TVC  duration)


                        In AEFX I tend to think that I am dealing with the duration of a single clip. The single clip tends to be the duration of the comp.  The comp is easily expanded or contracted  from the initial duration one starts with.


                        There are very good reasons that one may need to expand it.


                        eg. layering in a long clip that requires "time remapping" down.


                        I guess you are right that in the end ... "it is most often used to produce a fixed-time Comp"  ...as opposed to an open ended sequence.

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                          Jim_Simon Level 9
                          AE is not duration "fixed".


                          While there are means to change the comp duration, you can't do so simply by adding media to the 'end' of the comp, as you do with any NLE.  In that sense, the duration is 'fixed'.

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                            shooternz Level 6

                            How the app does (auto / manual) is not the point. We already agree its "a vertical editor"  (Compositor)


                            All you do is type in a new duration for the Comp. in the Comp settings.  (or trim the Comp)


                            If you were unable to do either ...I would agree with you that the Comp is fixed  (to original duration.)


                            I am only "arguing" this to ensure someone new to AEFX does not believe that if they create a comp they cant make it longer without starting again.


                            The common point relative to the post is that a WAB is used in both apps.