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    Capture Problems with DV using CS5 Prem on 2010 MacPro




      I have the following

      - 2010 Mac

      - dual 6 core cpu model

      - 48G

      - 2 x Cav black 2tb drives in stripe for scratch and a SSD for boot

      - 5870 primary card and gt120 as a secondary


      I am trying to import a bunch of old DV tapes on a Panasonic NV-MX300 camera via Firewire (i do have a 400 to 800 firewire converter). Although there isnt a definition for this camera in the CS5 config it looks to pick up the essence ie standard dv etc.


      When I import a tape it starts up ok but being an older unit et al playback glitches every now and then (slight pixelation etc). The timecode looks to be intact from start to finish. The problem is when premier encounters a slight glitch it stops the capture.....so I have to then kick off recording for a new clip where it left off etc etc etc. I have deselected things like stopping on dropped frame etc.


      Now if I use iMovie to do the import it goes through no problems even with the same glitches being there.


      Is there a setting Im missing, is it CS5 being overly sensitive?


      Thanks in advance.