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    Itemrenderer disappears

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      TL;DR Dragging ItemRenderer in list causes an IVisualElement that is provided by the data object and is added to a child of the renderer to disappear.


      Hello Everyone ,

        I have an itemrenderer with a structure like this


      <ItemRenderer ....

         <Group id="itemGroup"


      I override the "set data" function and add an ivisualelement to my group , like so


      override set data ....



          // Do null checking and event-listening adding/removing here....

           var iVisElement:IVisualElement = someGenericClass.getIVisualElement;

           itemGroup.addElement( iVisElement );



      All is well in the world , until I go to drag my itemrenderer.  Then the uicomponent disappears from my itemrenderer completely.  Debugging shows that the itemGroup does contain the IVisualElement and it does have a "real" size , but it doesn't show up on the screen.



      Sincerely ,