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    CP5: Audio from demo'd app is not captured


      I am recording a tutorial for an audio editing program. I have tried every setting I can find in Captivate 5, but the ONLY ONE that seems to record the audio that is playing through the application is FMR with the MacBook mic.


      Using the mic makes the audio from the editing app sound horrible.


      I am using a MacBook Pro, and I have used SnapzPro X to make screencasts using the internal audio of the MacBook. NOT the built-in mic. That way the sound is awesome, and it doesn't pick up any external sounds in the room with me.


      I cannot believe Captivate can't do the same thing -- record from the internal sound of the MacBook. But setting it to Built-in Input gets me only silence.


      I would appreciate any help on this!


      Just to be clear: In my audio editing program, which is the subject of the Captivate tutorial I'm making, I need to hit Play and Pause in the audio editing program and have Captivate faithfully capture the motion and audio in sync from the audio editing program.

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          M_Anand Level 3

          Hi there,


          I use soundflower for recording audio internally with Adobe Captivate. It works totally fine for me.


          I advise you too try thing app.




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            macloo Level 1

            Thank you, thank you! It works!


            It took me a bit of work to discover I have to set Soundflower as audio output only for the app I am recording (not in Mac's System Preferences), and input for Captivate. But the sound is now excellent in the Captivate slide.


            What I have not figured out yet (and which I need) is how to HEAR the app I am recording, while I am recoridng the demo in Captivate, and still have the sound routed into Captivate. I mean -- it is very difficult to demo an audio application while you cannot HEAR it!


            (I can't believe I have to install a separate utility to make Captivate do what it should do naturally. Adobe, why don't you do a better job with Mac software?)



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              Sivakumar Nagarajan Level 2



              There is another utility freely available on the net called "Line in".


              Using this you can route the app audio to soundflower as well as hear the same in system speakers simultaneously.


              I noticed a bit of a lag between the recorded audio and the "re-routed"  audio from Line-in but only if I continued to use it for a long time.





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                macloo Level 1

                I discovered that Soundflower comes with two parts. The other part is Soundbed. If you launch it, you have some menus that allow you to cause the audio to come from the internal speakers AND go into Captivate, so now my problem is solved.


                Thanks for your help!