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    Adobe Reader update problem


      I have Adobe Reader 8.2.4, Win7. and IE8. I simply want to change my update preference to disallow auto update. It's my understanding that this can be achieved by starting the update process, and selecting the option from the preference link in the update window. However, when I start a manual update from the Help tab, a window appears that either tells me that no updates are available (and nothing else), or  if one is available, the update is started without asking. No window appears that show size or status of update download, or an option to pause or cancel the process. An icon does appear on the system tray, but has no mouse click options associated with it. Percent complete status is displayed when the cursor is placed over the icon. I'm stuck with a dialup connection at my location, and this auto update of large files at inopportune times creates an agonizingly slow  internet experience.  Any insight into solving this dilemma ?