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    Improved handling of bwavs in multitrack.


      I think this has been mentioned before but I've only just discovered that AA can't record proper time-referenced (b)wav files.


      I need to record some voice-overs to (timecoded) picture and then send the files to post. In an ideal world, post should be able to drop the files straight onto the time line (they're using Protools) - BUT Audition doesn't record proper time-referenced wav files.


      I'm now going to have to send the files 'wild' and the post house will spot them in, but what a pain!


      Reaper will do this and I've seen it used to do entire multi tracks of TV shows, AND it will lock to timecode on any audio input, so no timecode to MTC convertor needed.


      I really love using Audition for editing and multitrack mixing but it could be so much more useful in the broadcast world if the timecode facitities were better.


      Dave Evans (TV Sound Engineer - pro user of Cooledit and Audition for many years).

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          RonNovy Level 2

          This kind of interests me.  I'm not a affiliated with adobe in any way and I'm really not sure how it would work...  Could you post a short example file that does this properly and another one that does not?  I think that the data would explain it all...

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            daveevans2200 Level 1

            Thanks for your interest RonNovy.


            It's easy to explain what I'm after.


            Audition does not record a time reference onto a 'BWF' (a wav with a Broadcast Wav header) and you can see this by going to 'File Info' in Edit mode and clicking  'Broadcast Wave'.


            Record some audio in multitrack with Audition locked to timecode, delete the audio from the timeline and place it back again (with the 'Insert Using BWF' check box ticked), the audio will NOT drop onto the timeline in the correct place, it will go where the cursor is.


            You can manually add a time reference, but this has very little practical use.


            If you import audio recorded to timecode into Audition from a device such as a Tascam X48, Sound Devices 744, 788 or similar (or audio recorded on Reaper), it will drop onto the correct place on the timeline.


            What I wanted to do was record voiceovers to picture with Audition locked to timecode from the video playback and then send the time referenced voiceovers to the post house where they could quickly drop them onto the correct places on the audio track instead of having to manually spot them.


            Audition will work in the reverse direction - it will put time referenced BWFs onto the timeline in the correct places, but it won't produce it's own time referenced BWFs to export to other software. This is a real limitation to Audition's use in broadcast production where it is already used extensively for editing.


            Hope this makes it clear.



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              RonNovy Level 2

              Awesome.  Thank you Dave.  I think that makes it perfectly clear about what is wrong.