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    Dreamweaver slow down

    limakid2015 Level 1

      Hi, I noticed that in the last days the "events" or "tasks" I apply to in Dreamweaver, for example:

      - changing properties of a div tag

      - switching design mode to preview "live" documents

      - deleting a Fireworks table (html)

      - closing a document


      ... the machine delays to answer, it became pretty slow and I am worried because I have a Mac Pro 8-core, Intel processor MacOS 10.6.4. With the other programs of CS5 no problems.


      OK, I've been inserting and deleting a hundred times a firewoks HTML graphic. I did many tests because the import was not correct. The design appear different and no functions as planned.


      Maybe I spent a lot of cachee or memory during this lots of copies, deletings and re-insertngs going back and forward to Fireworks? Any ideas? Thx  a lot.