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    Fireworks to Dreamweaver.

    limakid2015 Level 1

      HI. When building a navigation bar (a set of buttons-links) in Fireworks CS5, the properties panel give the chance to set a Link (and below it an ALT). The link should be the absolute URL? or the local directory file? Well... I think that doesn't matter I put because I noticed that when I export all this big grafic to Dreamweaver CS5, I have to set again the links.


      Originally in FW for example I wrote "home.html" in the link field for a button. The same button when exported. in DW changes the linl to r5_c5... etc. which is the default names of the rollovers instances buttons, right?


      For me, doesn't matter if I have to set up the links again, but I wanna know what is the funcion of that Link Field in FW? For what? Just for prototype maybe?


      Thx a lot.

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          Jim_Babbage Level 4

          The link field is for html links - absolute for external links, relative for internal site links.


          If you do not give the button slice a name, Fireworks will export it using a default autonaming method, hence the r6_c4  . . .  etc...



          Jim Babbage

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            limakid2015 Level 1

            Hi. I understand the slices name issue, but what is the funcion of that Link Field in FW? For what? Just for  prototype maybe? When I set up a name like "home.html" in the link field in DW, even when I put a name to a slice or button, the link field in FW DOES NOT MATCH with the link field in DreamWeaver after the export. Why? So, I have to set up again the link field in DW.

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              Jim_Babbage Level 4

              Please make the file available. The ink should be identical if you export as HTML and Images or CSS and Images. There should be no difference in DW. It can be used for prototyping or for final link syntax if you are exporting the HTML as well as the image.



              Jim Babbage

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                Jim_Babbage Level 4

                I have a fully functional FW mockup which, when exported as html and images, opens as expected in Dreamweaver

                . The links in the multi-page file (hotspots or slices) are the same as they are in Fireworks. The links work correctly in a browser as well. I can click on them and am brought to the correct page in the FW-generated HTML files.


                Seeing the file you are working on will help us to stop guessing at what the problem might be, and perhaps come up with a solution.


                Fireworks was never intended to be a way to design full production web sites without knowing code. It's a graphics application first, and can generate some decent CSS-based layouts (albeit with a little trial and error on the part of the user), but not complete web sites. There are always going to be situations where a solid knowledge of HTML and CSS will be necessary.

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                  Jim_Babbage Level 4

                  Alright, I've reviewed your file. You have a 1-page file that is  being exported as a navbar. Because there are no other pages in the  file, and you have asked for a navbar in the export, FW is generating  HTML files for each ilink in your navbar. in order to maintain the links  accurately, it must generate hyperlinks based on the html files it must  create.


                  Solution (and perhaps this file is just a bad example):


                  1)Don't export a navbar. Export the file as a single html page an incorporate it into your pages.


                  2)Create  the page designs in Fireworks within a single file and export as HTML  and Images (or CSS and Images if you want to use the actual mark up,  perhaps by using the link symbol) This solution is a gross simplication  of the process.


                  Lastly, the sample file you sent is  probably not a good workflow to follow. Everything shown in the PNG file  could easily be created using html text and CSS, far more easily and  for more flexibly than exporting from Fireworks in the format you've  been using. The navigation would be far more accessible as well, because  the links would be text based.


                  HTML rollover effects created by Fireworks produce  A LOT of code when exported as HTML and Images. Far too much, IMO.



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                    limakid2015 Level 1

                    Very thank U Jim for your observations. It makes me think that for just a navigation bar with text only, no need to use FW. For me, I went to FW for the following reason: The FONTS appereance. Could you check please the following link?
                    When I tried to make a navBar in DW directly with just texts, I got that difference with small fonts.


                    Thanks again and I will go for your suggestions.


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                      Jim_Babbage Level 4

                      If you are using FW to create the look of text-based navbars simply for the sake of appearance, you are going about things the wrong way. Accessible, searchable text wins that argument every time. You won't get that with an image-based version.


                      Jim Babbage

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