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    Applescript "item" not working in Leopard/Snow Leopard, ok in Tiger

    jhuddle123 Level 1

      Hi all,


      I have a fairly lengthy script for InDesign  CS4/Photoshop CS4 that works fine when i developed it on 10.4.11 but  when trying to open it it Script Editor/AppleScript Editor in Leopard or  Snow Leopard, it has a problem with instances of the word "item" and  won't compile.


      Looks like many (or every?) time i have a line that is looking to


      set [some variable] to item [some number] of [some list]


      I  get different error messages depending on the line. . .If i'm reading  it right, It's giving an error message that basically reports it thinks  "item" is a command name instead of the start of an expression.


      Would love any help!