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    Contribute CS3 Client breaks the server XML

    arfore Level 1
      Well, I have found an interesting problem with the cthub XML file that is stored in the "_mm" directory in the root folder of your websites being administered by Contribute.

      As you are no doubt aware, when at least one admin upgrades to Contribute 4 or Contribute CS3 (aka 4.1) all the admins have to since there are upgrades made to the XML files that control the site. Well it appears that this upgrade makes the cthub file non-valid XML.

      Take a look at this file and look for the tag "font_use_css" inside the "group_list_item" child node of the "group_list" node. In a copy of the cthub file that was upgraded you will find that this standalone tag is missing the appropriate closing slash. If you compare this against a copy of the cthub file from before the upgrade, assuming you made a backup, you will find that the tag is properly closed.

      Since this file is the master file with all of the role information for the site, I wonder if this XML error is causing unknown instability in the system somewhere.