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    I have a p2p group question with flex


      hello everyone


      I from Taiwan , so my English is very poor , if i say something wrong , please forgive me.


      my question is :


      How to make 6 people ( or more ) getting LIVE VEDIO MEETING with netgroup which is new thing in flash 10.1 api


      I suppose a salve way , but i have not real do it yet.


      Is my way work ?



      I try to make each people be a publisher and mutilcast in self group

      so 6 people , set 6 group and other 5 people join the group.




      and then I could say "6 people getting LIVE VEDIO MEETING in a super group" ?



      have some one could tell me , is this way work ?  and the way is stupid or not .



      Have everyone have a good day.

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          nimigeanu Level 2

          You don't need to create a group for each publisher. You can join them all to the same single group and have each publish under a distinct stream name.

          However, managing who publishes under what name and notifying others of who's publishing what may be complex without a centralized server.

          You may try group posting for "I started publishing on <stream_ID>" and "I stopped publishing on <stream_ID>". Also given the ephemeral and semi-reliable nature of posting you may send repeated "I am still publishing on <stream_ID>" messages.

          Good luck.

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            linshihcheng Level 1

            thanks for your help


            can I just think that single group with 6 publisher be a super group ?


            I would try what your recommend today .


            Hope you have a good day.



            thanks you again