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    On Location is not for sale, but I need more copies of it at shoots than the 2 allowed by the EULA.

    Tminus10web Level 2

        I have 3-8 cameras at my shoots.  I use On Location for capture.  After purchasing CS5, I discovered that the CS5 EULA allows '2 installations' max and there are no extended licenses available for On Location.

        Now, OnLocation is not available for purchase seperately from Master Collection CS5 or Premiere CS5, so I cannot just buy a few more copies of it.   So how the heck can I put On Location on 5-8 seperate capturing laptops, without buying CS5 4 different times?

        Installation of On Location alone on additional machines results in a 'activation limit exceeded' screen when I logon to the capture laptops (post installation).   I guess I could deactivate the Network Card to avoid the software communicating with Adobe, but I use it to transfer footage to my Network Drive at the end of each day


      Any insight?



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