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    Feature Request: Redo Metadata Tagset Design

    areohbee Level 6

      Sorry, but I really don't like how the tagsets work.


      Tagsets should be defined by users, NOT plugin authors.


      In my opinion, plugin authors should be able to give structure to their metadata, but its the users that should decide which of it they want to see with what...


      I'm thinking the plugin metadata-provider module should have the labels and the separators. Then the users can define tagsets as presets, selecting which items they want...


      As it stands, I can't define a tagset that includes all the adobe standard metadata, plus whatever the user wants from other plugins, plus my stuff with some structure - nor can the user.


      Maybe just have the metadata be collapsible, just like the top level items in the panel, then we'd hardly need tagset/presets at all, just collapse the ones you want out of your way...


      Maybe user tagset/presets just exclude some items that aren't of interest, to keep it a little cleaner, rather than plugin authors having to specifically include stuff, and that being the only way to structure the metadata that's presented.