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    Lauch failed (initial content not found)

    Manno Bult-to3djt Level 2

      Hi all,


      I've run in to a nasty error:


      I have an MXML file which indicates an error next to it's filename (the little x in the red box). However, when I open it Flash builder does not indicate an error on any of it's lines. Removing newly written content and saving did not help.


      After a while trying 'stuff' I tried the "Clean..." option from the project menu. If I do so, Flash builder no longer shows the error until I try to run or debug the app. However... Flash Builder fails to start the app at all now .


      It first states the project contains errors and If I opt to proceed building Flash Builder now gives the error:


      "Launch Failed"

      "Process terminated unexpectedly


      Initial content not found


      Launch command details {some details on which files etc.}"


      It renders the project useless since I cannot test anything. Anyone any bright ideas?


      Kind regards,