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    Tagged Text noob

    ArrowUpRight Level 2

      Please can anybody give me a link or direction on how get started with tagged text? Generally, i'd want the text file with some simple tags to be imported into inDesign, but when trying to import, it displays plane, all <> characters are visible, no formatting applied.

      Found much information on tags, understood its structure, but cannot just import it.

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          ArrowUpRight Level 2

          Why no reply? Is the question incorrect? Please some feedback it is very important to start from something.

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            L. Guy O'Rojo Level 2



            I had a lot of difficulty converting to an all-unicode tagged text workflow when switching to IDCS4 on Macs using both G5/Tiger and Intel/Leopard, and your problem sounds similar. The importer is very, very picky.


            The standard way to troubleshoot this is to do some sample formatting in ID, export as unicode tags, and inspect the file closely so you can figure out which text editor or program to use to duplicate it. Not all text editors/program output are equal, and some favorites have not been updated.



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              ArrowUpRight Level 2

              Thank you guy i allready done this, but thank you a lot. yes, the best way is to create formatting in ID, then export as taggedText, then inspect code to understand. Thanks.