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    About time for Control surface support

    Nik Skjøth Level 1

      I wonder with agony, why Adobe still is being hesitant to support external control units, such as the Tangent Wave and Euphonix MC Color.


      I don't know whether its lazyness, inability to make the hardware makers develop a Premiere interface, or ignorace about the need for such a tool.


      But I know its highly annoying to have been seduced into using a editing system for years. To become accustomed to every bit and piece. To be able using it in my sleep, and then get hit in my face once I reach a certain professionalism level.


      And no I dont wish to swith to Final Cut. I hate anything Apple. (besides its lightyears behind in my oppinion)


      I love Premiere, I wish to continue using Premiere. I need a proper grading solution IN PREMIERE asap. Thanks


      Am I alone?