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    Cannot play video clips in preview mode


      I built a small test project with bars/tone, a title frame, and a 44 second video clip (mp4). When I hit the play button nothing happens. The timeline indicator doesn't travel down the timeline at all. The play button seems to have been activated (since it then shows the pause button), but otherwise, the clips do not play. When I try to review the clip in the organizer by double clicking, and hitting the play button, nothing happens. I know that this video clip does is functioning, because when I play the raw clip in QuickTime, it plays as it should.


      So until this is resolved Premiere Elements 9 is not usable in any way. Unfortunately I promised my client that Adobe Premiere Elements 9 would be the solution, and now I'm concerned that I won't be able to even build a simple workable test project.


      I hope someone can help me understand why Premiere Elements won't play clips.


      (I also tested this video clip on a similar Premier Elements 9 project on my Windows machine (actually a separate Mac Powerbook running VMWare Fusion), and this clip plays fine.  But since Premiere performance is so slooooow here, apparently because it's running in a virtual machine, I decided to work on a dedicated iMac with only MacOS. )


      I'm using an iMac (early 2007 version), with 3 GB RAM, and MacOS 10.5.8

      The video clip is from a Flip camera, and it plays just fine in QuickTime.