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    PS CS5 is Uninstall Same as Deactivate?

    Greg Grosz Level 1

      I need to use Photoshop CS5 on 3 computers when I'm at different locations.  The dialog box on the 3rd one says I need to "Deactivate" another computer.  When I try to do that on another computer the screen has a check box for "Deactivate" and then a button labeled "Uninstall".  It seems that I must click the "Uninstall" button in order to "Deactivate" Photoshop, because the only options to continue are a "Cancel" and "Uninstall" button.   The labeling gives the impression that "Deactivate" and "Uninstall" are different operations, but it appears that simply to deactivate CS5 I must actually uninstall it.


      So, is it true that I must actually uninstall Photoshop?  Is there no way to simply deactivate it rather than having to uninstall and reinstall the entire program?




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          Nini Tjader Level 4

          No you shouldn't have to uninstall. It should be enough to Deactivate. You can in principle install on as many computers as you like but you can only have it activated on two at the time.

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            Greg Grosz Level 1

            I'd like to only deactivate only.  When I run the Uninstall program a screen comes up with checkboxes for each of the programs in the suite and a checkbox for "Deactivate", which I checked.  However, to close the screen I have only a cancel button and an unstall button.  I assume that if I click the Uninstall button that I will uninstall every program that I've checked, and of course if I hit cancel it will simply cancel.


            That's where I need help because I don't seem to be able to get out of the screen without clicking the Uninstall button, unless there is an entirely different way of performing a Deactivate.



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              [scott] Level 6

              To simply deactivate, choose Help > Deactivate from within the application. You do not need the installer.


              Be aware, you can only deactivate and reactivate so many times before you are locked out. This is designed to keep people from using multiple systems and just constantly deactivating to switch systems.