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    In the market for a new computer would love some feedback


      Ok so I have a dilemma,


      First problem is I can't decide between a laptop and a desktop if I went the laptop route I would go with the Asus N53qm


      Asus N53 Specs

      Its got i7 720qm, some sites have it with 740qm, ddr3 memory, 425m cuda video card,

      Id upgrade the ram to at least 8gb or ram maybe upgrade more down the road.... Id be editing video off esata or usb 3.0

      I see the advantage of having a laptop being able to work on the road, taking it to my bed....

      Id plug it into an external monitor/mouse, keyboard when at my desk.



      My other option I would be a desktop


      Specs would be,

      x58 motherboard, havnt decided which one yet, theres a lot that seem to all have the same features, eg. msi, asus, gigabyte.

      Again ddr3 memory I notices 2000 was not much more than 1333, so yea as much ram as I want down the road....

      GTX 470

      850 watt corsair

      Intel Core i7 950

      Thermaltake A60 Case


      Again most of my projects would most likely be through esata or usb 3.0 not sure which is better...


      Oh and I would be editing HD Video from a flash based camcorder, Cannon HSF 10 to be specific, so its .mts avchd


      Anyways, how much of a performance increase would I get from the desktop over the laptop?

      I notice a lot of people overclock, is that really necessary, isnt an i7 pretty fast stock?


      Thanks and please let me know your thoughts, advice changes to my specs...