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    happyggv2 Level 1

      On a page of my website built in Flash and uploaded as DW .html, I have 6 text items listed. I would like the viewer to be able to "Read More" about the particular item. What is the easiest but effective way for me to accomplish this task?  I have loaded pix of how

      I think it would look. I know I could build a new page with the New Details placed on top but I thought there might be a more efficient way to do this. Any help would be appreciated. TY Gene



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There are quite a few ways you could go about this.  If you have no familiarity with using actionscript, then the easiest for you would be to create each line of text as a button symbol and have the 'read more' content in the button's over frame.  That way, when you roll over the line of text the extra content will appear automatically.


          If you are familiar with using actionscript, then you could create movieclips and control their visibility based on which line of text is being interacted with.

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            happyggv2 Level 1

            TX Ned.


            So if I use the first "button rollover" method, I should make a text graphic and paste that into the "over state" frame of the button right?. I t will, of course, be MUCH bigger than the button itself. Is that OK to have a huge graphic for the over even though the button is smaller ?


            I am learning AS, so can you tell me what code would be appropriate for this task ?


            TY Again Gene