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    Can I batch render comps from multiple projects?

    Mark Morreau Level 2

      ASCS5 10.01.19 Windows 7 64.


      I am working on a large collaborative project destined for DVD. I am the last link in the chain, encoding for DVD and authoring the DVD.

      I have been presented with a large number of AE projects, each containing a "final render" comp. I batched these up in Adobe Media Encoder to render, but when checking the DVD the AE author told me that the backgrounds had not rendered the correct colour. I have subsequently discovered that he had set the background color he wanted as the background colour in each Comp, but that AE only renders out the Comp's background colour as a background colour if you render out to a non-alpha codec via AE's render queue. If you render the comp out VIA AME's dynamic link, as I did, then the background colour is rendered out as black.

      Phew. Am I making sense?


      So, what I want to know is is there any way to render all these movies - some of which take a long time to render - as a batch the way they would if they were rendered directly from AE?


      Or am I going to have to open each AE project, and create a new solid layer at the back matching the background colour set for each comp, so I can repeat my batch render via AME? Which would be tedious, as there are 150 seperate projects.