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    Calling CSH with expaned TOC and relevent topic.

    purushu_24 Level 1

      We developed an online help for a project wirh RH. when calling web help (all context sensitive topics) i need topic to open + I need TOC to open with topic name.
      need code to open the webhelp.

      Java script we use to call help:

      aHelpContextId = 10; //is set from the relevent page.
      RH_ShowHelp(0, "/DBDocHelp/ROBOHelp/WebHelp/Trans@ct.htm>mywindow", HH_HELP_CONTEXT , aHelpContextId);

      This result in opening of the help content in CONTEXT mode with a link saying Show which links to TOC.

      But we need it to open the corresponding help content(CSH) with TOC expanded .

      We even changed HH_HELP_CONTEXT to HH_DISPLAY_TOC which displays TOC and default help page/first page instead of using the context ID.
      RH_ShowHelp(0, "/DBDocHelp/ROBOHelp/WebHelp/Trans@ct.htm>mywindow", HH_DISPLAY_TOC , aHelpContextId);

      What could be the possible problem, please suggest a feasible solution.