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    Moving from Apple Aperture to Adobe Camera RAW

    James M Schaefer

      I've currently in the moving from Apples Aperture Program to Adobe's Camera RAW. I did slight image adjustments in Aperture, then edited the rest of the photos in Adobe Photoshop CS5 but, I noticed that Aperture does not really effect grain how Adobe Camera RAW does, and now that I'm shooting a Canon EOS 7D I've noticed my images can get grainy cause the quality is so much higher then I'm used to. That's where I learned about Adobe Camera RAW. So now I can just use Adobe Bridge, Camera RAW, and Photoshop to keep everything in great work flow.


      *My Issue*


      I used to import images from CF cards directly into Aperture Application, but .RAW images became .PSD on the upload.  (you can still adjust the PSD files in Aperture but not in Adobe Camera Raw. So now I'm guessing my images that are in Aperture are no longer RAW images and can not be brought into Camera RAW. Is this right?, Second does anyone know if those RAW images get stored in a second spot on my Mac when uploading them to Aperture? I'm just guessing that Adobe Camera RAW does not support PSD files only .RAW, .Jpeg, .Tiff. correct?


      Second thing, What should I do now? Should I just plug in my CF card that's full of RAW images and just make a folder on my desktop and drag those images to it?, or is there like a way I can transfer those RAW directly from the CF card to like Adobe Bridge.  From my understanding Bridge is not really a App but more of a file finder.



      I'm super new to Photography. I'm a graphic designer and post production editor for videos, pictures are new to me so if anyone has any tips or advice I'd love to hear it. Thanks.

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          Jeff Schewe Level 5

          There are no .RAW files...if you are shooting raw files in the Canon 7D you should have .CR2 raw files, somewhere...if you did anything to the files in Aperture requiring conversion from raw (CR2) to rendered files, then yes, you might have tiff or psd files that were rendered, but you should also have the original CR2 files somewhere. You should be able to find those original files and use Bridge CS5, Camera Raw 6 and Photoshop CS5.

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            James M Schaefer Level 1

            That's what I mean by RAW (CR2 files). Sorry I was not clear on that. So this is just my process.


            1) Take pictures.

            2) Take CF card out of camera and plug into a CF card reader.

            3) Aperture automatically opens up and I hit "Import"

            4) All files import to Aperture then I'm asked to delete all images off CF card.


            Now all the images are PSD and I can't find anywhere the CR2 files. Its like they are totally converted and gone.

            So it looks like the only way I can save CR2 images is insert the CF Card drag the content off the CFcard into a file on my desktop or other location. Then I can find those images though Bridge and have the option to bring images to Adobe Camera RAW.


            Thanks for the help. I think I'm out of luck on those old images I have in Aperture. I'll just start moving the content files on the CF card directly to a folder on my desktop or other destination. I really think Aperture just converts things to smaller files to save space or whatever.  Thanks again Jeff for the fast response.

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              Level 4

              Do a search for the specific name of the missing files with a ".CR2" extension on your computer.  Instead of the pretty-much useless Spotblight, conduct your search with the free EasyFind


              Unless Aperture has stuck them in packages like iPhoto does, EasyFind should find them if they're there.


              I don't use Aperture, so I can't tell you whether Aperture deletes the raw files upon conversion, but that would be just about the stupidest, craziest, most abhorrent thing Apple could ever do.


              I detest library paradigms like Lightroom, iPhoto and Aperture use.




              Wo Tai Lao Le


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                Tom-Rock-Indy Level 3

                Your original raw files are still there -- they're just stored inside a package that Aperture creates.


                Get them out but selecting the files in Aperture and using the Export Master command under the File menu (I think those are the menus -- you may have to look around a bit).


                Export your original raws and start organizing them the way you want with folders.