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    Sager Laptops = Mobile Editing

    vagarob Level 1

      So, here is my mobile editing studio:



      The first sager (left) has an i7 920 with 8GB of RAM, a ocz vertex 120 GB SSD, and two 750GB HDDs that are on raid1, and act as a backup. NVIDIA 280M


      The second (right) sager is a brand new NP7280 i7 980 with 12GB of RAM and two 120GB SSD drives by OCZ on raid0, along with a 500GB HDD and NVIDIA 480m


      In the middle is a logitech G13 which is awesome for editing shortcuts, along with a cyborg RAT7 mouse -- also the Sony NEXVG10 a really awesome interchangable lens camcorder.


      This lets me pack everything into a pelican case and ship it by fedex/ups and have it waiting at my hotel when I travel for editing, who needs a desktop? =)


      p.s. thanks to harm for convincing me to get the other sager!

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          Powered by Design Level 4

          Nice laptops but the picture is very dark to see them well.




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            rowby Level 1

            Please keep us up to date on your laptop editing system.  Are you considering expanding to a bigger external raid -- like a Raid 3. 


            Let us know how many layers you can ediit with "yellow" bars, and how long it takes to export etc.


            A laptop editing system is something I would like to have by the end of this year or beginning of next year.


            For CS5 of course, taking advantage of the Mercury Playback Engine.  Also will you be using After Effects on your laptop?



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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              If you take a look at the results of 'Sager Laptop 1' in the PPBM5 Benchmark you will see how great a laptop can be with only three disks. Score 311. It is by far the best laptop in the results list and outperforms many desktop systems. See the owner's comments as well. It sums it up quite nicely.

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                vagarob Level 1
                Hi again,

                Some of you messaged me about my
                workflow process. My primary job is editing AVCHD footage arriving on SD cards.

                The data is transfered from the cards to Sager1 on mirrored 750GB drives (raid1). The same data is then transfered to two
                external Lacie Rikki Drives. One to prevent accidental deletes/corruption, and the other is stored offsite for security.

                Sager1 can now transfer footage to Sager2 using a crossover cable @ 80 MB/s * i always edit with locally stored data though. I edit on either and render on both (RenderEngine in AE)

                Transportation - One laptop is placed in a Pelican case and
                shipped via UPS/Fedex, the other goes with me as a carry on. That way one system will always arrive.

                Audio - There is no room to bring along large speakers or headphones, so instead I use Sennheiser IE8 earbuds.

                Color Calibration - because there are two different laptops (sometimes 3 with the Sony) you really need to make sure the colors are correct. For that I use the
                Xrite i1 Display 2 device -- that helped me out a lot.

                I also take along a
                Sony Vaio Z, as a Sager on an airplane isn’t going to work well

                Lately, I’ve started to take an interest in filming, so i picked up a Sony nexvg10 + some alpha lenses. Hopefully I’ll get enough experience to start playing around with the
                Panasonic AF100 when it’s released

                Finally, two products I highly recommend. The
                Logitech G13 gameboard, is absolutely amazing for building shortcuts & macros in Premiere / After Effects. And, the Cyborg R.A.T 7 mouse. It’s just so comfortable (everything is adjustable) and has an extra scroll wheel thats programmable.

                Don’t write off a product just because its for the gaming world!

                Hope that helps anyone -- here are some semi-brighter images.

                p.s. someone wanted to know the keyboard difference between the two sagers so i included a photo for that. The old one is very traditional (ibm thinkpad like) and the other is more like a Sony/macbook.
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                  jima5446 Level 1

                  @ vagarob


                  Great info and cool images!


                  Your post, simply is tipping me to the side of Sager NP7280


                  Thank you very much!

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                    rowby Level 1



                    When you say:


                    " I edit  on either and render on both (RenderEngine in AE)"


                    ... can you fill us in on the details?


                    For example, what is the advantage of having the second laptop when it comes to rendering.


                    Are you actually rendering one video on both laptops at the same time -- using the "power" of both?

                    If someone purchased just the Sager NP7280 and no other laptop would that slow down the rendering process?





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                      Brucemck3 Level 1

                      Nice laptops.


                      How noisy are they?  Do the fans run most of the time, or only when pressed?

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                        vagarob Level 1



                        You can render on both using AE + RenderEngine. Very useful if you're grading or using special effects on something like Cineform or Redcode. The other useful feature of using two powerful laptops is the ability to render on one and continue editing on the other.


                        You could of course do this with any second laptop, but the preview renders is what kills most low end processors. I'm more than comfortable taking just one now though.


                        Regarding the fan noise, it's rarely on full unless I'm rendering something... and well thats going to be a lot less noise than a full tower =)