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    BeaconElement bug / tracking best practices


      Hi everyone,


      I filed a bug back at the beginning of June regarding the 'BeaconElement with a VideoElement' example. You can't seek forward in the example and if you have BeaconElements in parallel with a VideoElement, the seekBar breaks.


      See http://forums.adobe.com/message/2858662 and https://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FM-928


      The bug was closed and deferred with no fix and a low priority.


      So, I know that people must be using BeaconElements to send tracking and analytics info with their videos. Seeing the low priority on the bug means that there absolutely must be a better way to do tracking. Any ideas?


      I'm probably missing something very basic but I'm stuck so I'd appreciate any help with this.



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          Not sure you could call it best practices but i solved this problem by using the mod feature. Its limited to only send messages every n sec but it works a charm.


          setup a Timer object to tick every second (1000)


          timerTick = new Timer(1000); // check every second

          timerTick.addEventListener(TimerEvent.TIMER, onTimeTick);


          var _sendInterval:Number = 10;


          funciton onTimeTick(event:TimeEvent):void


               // Using the Modulo function to calulate if c is % by n

               if(currentPosition % _sendInterval == 0)


                   /// send some tracking event



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            amosam Level 1

            Thanks B3N$MITH for the reply,


            I've looked into that solution as well and it does a good job of giving updates.


            However, once there are multiple elements (main video, ads, etc) and you only want to track certain ones, it gets hard to keep making workarounds. You can try and insert IF statements to only track when certain traits are blocked but things can get tricky as the player gets more complicated.


            I can use it as a temporary solution until BeaconElement starts working as advertised.


            Does anyone have a solution that actually uses BeaconElement as intended?