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    Dispatch Event from Renderer

      I have the current renderer in my datagridcolumn:

      In myRenderer.as:

      class myRenderer extends Label
      public function myRenderer ()
      this.addEventListener("click", onClick);

      private function onClick(evt:MouseEvent): void
      // I can enter here!


      In my datagrid class: I have it listening to the event:
      this.addEventListener("myEvent", eventHandler);

      Similarly, I also put an eventlistener in the parent document:
      this.addEventListener("myEvent", eventHandler);

      Unfortunately, both of these could not receive the event.

      I know that, when we dispatch event, it bubbles along the parent chain, but thats not the case with myRenderer.
      In this case, how can I dispatch the event from myRenderer so that the parent Document can receive the event?

      Many thanks.