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    User Account Control Problems with Premier Elements 7 32 bit in 64 Bit Windows 7

    head spin Level 1

      I found User Account Control Problems in other forums but didn't see much in Premiere Elements, so I hope this helps others who may be having problems with 32 bit programs in a 64 bit computor. When I first got my 64 bit I didn't have problems.


      Back in February I bought a Quad Core Desktop with Windows 7 64 bit. Haven't been on the forum for 7 months since I wrote in regarding importing video with the Pyro AV Link (Premiere Elements Tips and Tricks). I was having problems importing video which started after March 28 sometime, as that was the last time I didn't have a problem importing VHS. Took me a few months off and on to find out what worked.


      I started uninstalling Windows updates and any programs I had installed back to that point in time. Checked after uninstalling each item. The capture screen would come up on a delayed basis but clicking on capture did nothing. Although no driver is required for IE1394 (so they say) I read where some people using the Legacy driver had fixed some problems, so I switched to the Legacy. Seemed to work great (for a few minutes).


      I had even uninstalled and reinstalled PE7 but no difference. Finally I noticed a shield in the PE7 Desktop icon. Thats weird. Never had that before. Just decided to show up after I had done all of the stuff I mentioned. Turns out at some point in time since I've had the computor Windows 7 decided to flag my 32 bit program as misusing the 64 bit system. User Account Control. I never bothered too much with UAC and just clicked on the yes box wen it popped up asking if I wanted this or that to take control of my computor. I tried using the minimum setting for safety reasons, and then finally turned User Account Control off. Bingo! PE7 capture works again and still working.


      While I am not recommending that people arbitrarily turn UAC off, this appeared to be my problem. I would recommed that they try turning it off before uninstallin a bunch of stuff. Having a restore point may or may not have been a fix for me. I think one of the Windows Updates caused the problem but I am not going to uninstall any more stuff at this point, I have not been back on the internet or installed any more updates in my desktop. I am going to use my laptop for internet and used the desktop for video.


      I am guessing this could be a problem for any 64 bit systems trying to use 32 bit programs. IE: XP,Vista,Windows 7 64 bit. In Vista there is also Data Execution Prevention (DEP) which you can turn on or off, supposedly to prevent misuse of memory (as I understand it), but Win7 either doesn't have it or I haven't found where it's located.


      Maybe this has been covered in the forum somewhere and I missed reading it. Hope I am not too confusing. Anyway, whatever feedback you guys have would be great.