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    HELP! DWCS3 won't display DW8 text on my Mac

      I recently got DWCS3 (v9.0) on a Mac and had been using DWMX2004. My HTML pages displayed fine in DW8 but when I moved them to DWCS3 the main table cells do not display correctly. Does anyone know what is going on. I can see half the text on my page but the rest is blank. Is there an easy fix for making my pages display as they did in DW8 or DWMX2004? Again I am on a Mac and am not a tech-type. I am a designer who knows how to cut and paste code but I would need some help. I know there is a fix for the PC that allows one to view files as if they were in DW8. But I need a step-by-step guide if possible as to how it should be set up on the Mac. Please help me find a fix.