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    Call a C dll (e.g. for printing purposes) from within an AIR app.


      Hey all,


      I read on this forum a thread dating back to 2006 about a similar question.

      There was somebody who needed to call a C# dll from within his application. And as far as I could tell from the (rather short) discussion, this was, at that point in time, impossible.


      So I'm here to basically ask if anything has changed.


      Some more details:

      It's an desktop AIR application that will need to call a C (not C#) dll, send data to it and most likely receive a message back wether or not the data/call was properly processed. The purpose of the call will be to give a sort of print order.

      I'm not 100% sure if the dll is going to be hosted on a webserver, but most likely it won't be.

      It will have to be loaded into a unix/linux machine.


      In case it helps, the possibility to do this will be crucial in our decision wether or not to use Flex AIR as development platform or not.


      regards and thanks for you time & effort in advance!