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    Creating Nested Flex Components at runtime !!

    Redade Level 1


      I am trying to write an advanced image Gallery. I want to create categories and albums inside it . And at the runtime when user clicks the category i want to show the albums in a proper layout and the images in it too. So i need to create two components at runtime. One for albumContainer and one for Images. There can be three albums in a category and every album can have more than one image. I wrote all the functionalities for one album. I want to make it as an mxml component. My imageViewer is already a component.

      As a sample code :

                      // This DataGroup is one Album. and i need more albums in one category...

                          <s:DataGroup id="gridViewers"  width="100%" height="100%" contentBackgroundColor="#EFDFDF"






                                      <s:ItemRenderer  horizontalCenter="center"  verticalCenter="center" >

                                          <ns1:ImageViewer imageURL="{data.imageUrl}" horizontalCenter="center"



                                                           FileAddress = "{data.FileAddress}"

                                                           jpgFileAddress = "{data.jpgFileAddress}"




                                                           width="{data.viewerwidth}" height="{data.viewerheight}"

                                                           x="0" y="0"






                                  <s:TileLayout />




      As you can see i have the code for one Album. But i need to create this album container in runtime with amount of the album count.


      I hope i could explain my problem clearly.